New Yorkers band together to clean Swastika-covered subway


A subway car was covered in vitriolic anti-Semitic statements over the weekend — prompting a group of strangers aboard the train to team up to remove the hateful messages.

The story of New Yorkers springing into action to eliminate the hate-covered train car went viral Sunday after one of the passengers shared it on Facebook.

“I got on the subway in Manhattan tonight and found a Swastika on every advertisement and every window. The train was silent as everyone stared at each other, uncomfortable and unsure what to do,” Gregory Locke wrote on Friday.

One of the straphangers broke the silence and revealed his plan, telling his fellow passengers, “Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie. We need alcohol.”

The man found a few tissues and then the subway riders “got to work,” Locke said.

“I’ve never seen so many people simultaneously reach into their bags and pockets looking for tissues and Purel. Within about two minutes, all the Nazi symbolism was gone,” he wrote.

Photos included in the social media post showed one of the passengers wiping off “Jews belong in the oven” with a Swastika under it that was scrawled onto a subway map.

“Nazi symbolism. On a public train. In New York City in 2017,” Locke wrote.
He said that one passenger even mumbled, “I guess this is Trump’s America.”

But Locke said he refused to give into hate, writing ,”No sir, it’s not. Not tonight and not ever. Not as long as stubborn New Yorkers have anything to say about it.”

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The post has already racked up more than 376,000 reactions and nearly 260,000 shares on Facebook.

The disturbing hate speech comes just a week after the White House’s statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day failed to mention the millions of Jews murdered in the genocide.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer fired back at critics “nitpicking” the statement, claiming it was written by “someone who is both Jewish and the descendent of Holocaust survivors.”


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