Twitter now has a night mode for Android



Twitter’s recently-launched ‘Night Mode’ has wowed social media users around the world. The mode changes the app from its regular theme to a darker one and makes it more comfortable to use at night, NDTV reported.

You can switch on the feature on Android in the top menu, where you’ll either see the navigation menu icon or your profile icon depending on the device you have — tap either of those, and then switch the Night Mode toggle on. Twitter made the announcement in tweet recently.

NDTV reported earlier that the testing of the feature happened among a small number of alpha testers, as reported by a Twitter user running the v5.112.0-alpha.423 build.

At the time, the UI was said to switch automatically at night time, and come back to the standard white background UI with black text in the day time.

However, as pointed out by The Verge, in the latest addition to the app, there is no automatic trigger that switches on the ‘Night Mode’ according to certain times of day or based on your phone display’s brightness.

In June, Twitter rolled out an update that redesigned Android app based upon Google’s Material Design that makes use of grid-based layouts, has responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects like lighting and shadows. Recently, it was also revealed that Twitter-owned video clip-sharing website Vine’s entire source code was available for anyone to see, till an ethical hacker pointed out the flaw that allowed for the source code to be downloaded. The website then fixed the bug within five minutes following a demonstration by the hacker.

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