What is The Most Romantic and Awful Valentine’s Gift Googled in Your State?


If you’re expecting something special from your sweetie this Valentine’s Day 2017, we hope to God you don’t live in West Virginia or Tennessee.

A new study has determined the Valentine’s gifts each state Googles more than any other — and some states come away looking a lot more romantic than others. For instance, in addition to West Virginia’s and Tennessee’s tendencies towards shoddy gifts that might actually endanger your private parts (they searched for “cheap gifts” and “cheap sex toys,” respectively), the study found that many Arizonans are thinking about sending their lovers an eCard, while their neighbors in New Mexico are giving their partners “hickeys.”

Their findings weren’t all so bleak. According to the map above, a good chunk of the country searches for very thoughtful gifts, like valentine’s Balloons (Massachusetts and Texas), color chancing candle (Indiana), or pearl heart necklaces for their vivacious, voluptuous partners (Arkansas), Bracelet (North Dakota).

But before you assume all Oregonians are Nike Watch fans, or all Washingtonions are Valentine’s Cake fans, it should be noted that the following map doesn’t represent what each state Googled most, but “what search term or terms people in each state Googled more frequently than people in all other states.”

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