The Countries Worrying The Most About Terrorism


This chart shows the places in which the largest share of the population consider terrorism to be one of the most worrying issues in their country as of November 2016.

Every month, Ipsos conducts a survey to find out what the world is worrying about. Our infographic below shows that in November, worries about terrorism were most prevalent in Turkey where 66 percent of respondents selected it as one of three ‘most worrying topics’. Turkey has been hit by a series of devastating terror attacks in 2016.

In Germany, police are currently investigating a ‘suspected terrorist attack’ in the country’s capital, Berlin. On the evening of December 19, a lorry was driven into a Christmas market killing twelve people and injuring 48. The driver of the vehicle has been detained. As is the case for a number of European countries, terrorism has been among the main worries of German citizens this year. In November, 34 percent listed it as one of their top concerns.


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