17 newspaper front pages commemorating Donald Trump’s stunning victory



Donald Trump’s stunning electoral victory was not just a shock to the United States — it was a stunner that reverberated around the world. From America to Australia, this is how the world is processing the news today.

The New York Times (New York, USA)

The New York Daily News (New York, USA)

Miami Herald (Miami, USA)

Philadelphia Daily News (Philadelphia, USA)

Le Journal de Montreal (Montreal, Canada)

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)

New Zealand Herald (Auckland, New Zealand)

Libération (Paris, France)

El Periódico de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)

L’Echo (Brussels, Belgium)

Hamburger Morgenpost (Hamburg, Germany)

The beauty of the German language, explained in one newspaper’s front page pic.twitter.com/yP6vSK369y

— Alex Abad-Santos (@alex_abads) November 8, 2016

Het Parool (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Excélsior (Mexico City, Mexico)

Washington Post Cover

TIME Cover

Turkish Newspaper Hurriyet November 9th before knowing election results “New term in America”


Turkish Newspaper Hurriyet November 10th “HE WON” Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States


Turkish Newspaper Sozcu, “NEW BOSS”


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