Two collided bullets from the Battle of Gallipoli causing social media frenzy


Its now the centennial of the Gallipoli landings, and a fascinating coincidence, that occurred during Gallipoli, is now being shared across social media.

Pictures of two bullets, which bizarrely collided in mid air, have caused quite a bit of excitement. There have been a myriad of assertions as to why and how this happened. One popular assertion is that somehow, fate intervened to save the lives of two combatants.

At first glance, the picture is fascinating, both bullets, appear to have welded together. However upon closer inspection and analysis by some critics, its been suggested that he round on the left bullet, does not have any rifling on it at all. But the round the right bullet does.Therefore, although they clearly collided, maybe  the round on the left probably wasn’t moving as fast as an actual speeding bullet.



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