Simit + Smith, the fast-casual Turkish cafe in the heart of Mid-town



Simit + Smith, the fast-casual Turkish cafe in the heart of Mid-town, is bringing street food indoors with their new street food menu featuring authentic dishes like Döner Durum, Menemen, and Antep Lahmacun; items that you could easily find on the streets of Istanbul. This launch is very exciting as they expand their menu to continue to reflect their Mediterranean roots.

With a new look and a brand new menu, Simit & Smith (1400 Broadway NYC, 212-398-0098) is launching their new street food menu honoring Turkish cuisine just in time for fall! A sleek new design, the aroma of Turkish street food, and sweet and savory pastries on display create a charming setting for a meal that boasts both flavor and nutrition.


Simit + Smith will be offering new items such as their Döner Durum and Döner Sandwich, thinly sliced and marinated Entrecôte kebob wrapped into a Piadina or on a soft flatbread with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and honey mustard; and the Salmon Döner Kebab with salmon kebabs, roma tomatoes, romaine lettuce topped with salmoriglio sauce.

In addition, other new street food options are the Menemen- classic Turkish scrambled eggs, fried in an olive oil lined copper pan with caramelized onions, peppers, tomatoes and parsley; Antep Lahmacun- a Turkish take on flatbread with marinated minced meat, Mediterranean spices, onion, sumac and lemon; and Gözleme- the savory hand-rolled crepe filled with your choice of spinach and feta or potato, and grilled to order. Another exciting item they have added is the Gluten-free Pizza Contadino, a light and springy pizza that packs ultimate flavor with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil on top.

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Don’t forget about mainstay street food favorites like their Simits and Acmas. The simits and acmas are hand-made daily and the simits are brushed twice in molasses to achieve the signature crispy and caramelized exterior with folds of feather-light bread underneath. The simits and acmas are stellar on their own and even better when paired with one of many spreads, including: Hummus, Spinach Artichoke, Strawberry Jam, Apricot Jam, Stracciatella, Cream Cheese, and Ricotta.

Simit + Smith brings the street food of Istanbul and the Mediterranean to New York City. Encapsulating the fundamentals of Turkish culture, Simit + Smith celebrates the perfection of simplicity by recreating street food classics with added finesse and an ode to authenticity. With consistent emphasis placed on creating wholesome and nutritious food which still delivers deep flavors, Simit + Smith offers only organic produce, hormone-free meats, cage-free eggs and freshly baked breads with gluten-free options available.

  • Simit $1.95
  • Acma $2.95
  • Pogaca $2.95
  • Gozleme $4.95
  • Good Morning Istanbul Breakfast $12.99
  • Soups Small $4.95, Large $5.95
  • Salads $6.00
  • Durum Chicken $8.00
  • Durum Doner Kebap $9.00
  • Antep Lahmacun $4.99
  • Turkish Tea $1.99
  • Turkish Coffee $1.99
  • and more…


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