Here’s how much interns will make at companies like Facebook and Google in 2017



Big companies take care of their interns.

According to a recent poll, Facebook can pay interns up to $8,000 a month, while Snapchat has offered interns as much as $9,000 a month. Plus, many major companies also offer interns a housing stipend.

The poll was conducted by Jesse Collins, who is finishing up his final semester at Purdue University and will be working for Seattle-based start-up Curalate post graduation. He asked nearly 600 new graduates and interns about offers received for start dates in 2017. He got 290 responses from new grads and 298 from interns.

The findings were making the rounds on Friday after Collins, who conducted similar research last year, posted the data on Twitter and various tech community sites, including a Reddit subgroup and the Facebook page Hackathon Hackers.

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